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Dani and the Haunted House

Sweet tea, please!

The food court at the local mall is serving up more than just your average snacks. The newest dish on the menu is mischief and mayhem.

Dani and the Mall Caper
Book 2 in the Dani P. Mystery series

Lexile Measure: 570
Age:  6-10
Grade:  1-5

List Price:  $6.99

After solving her first big case, Dani earns the title of being the best almost-eight-year-old detective in the world. Can she live up to her reputation? Join Dani as she sets out to prove that she can keep the citizens of Shady Hollow safe. There is only one problem: How does she stop a thief? With the help of her best friend, Chloe Marshall, she’ll have to figure it out soon before the local mall becomes the next target!

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Meet the Characters

Dani P. Spinelli
Dani P. Spinelli(Shh! This is super-secret.)
Dani idolizes her Uncle Joey. She wants to be just like him when she grows up. When her uncle surprises her, Dani thinks she is the luckiest girl in the world. Then she accidentally overhears something and begins to doubt herself. Is Dani smart enough to solve the case and stop a thief, or will she end up disappointing her uncle?

Fun Fact

Favorite store at the mall: Dani loves to hang out with Mr. Gibbons at Gizmo & Gadget. Every mall should have a spy store.

Chloe Zoe Marshall
Chloe Zoe MarshallCity of Shady Hollow employee
It’s not like Dani to doubt herself. So when Chloe sees her falter, she is determined to step up and conquer her own fears to help trap a thief. The best part, she gets to practice her acting skills and do what she does best—shop! Now if she could only get Dani to try on that cute yellow dress with the pink trim.

Fun Fact

Favorite store at the mall:  Chloe loves them all! In fact, most of the mall employees know her by name.

Sheriff Spinelli
Sheriff SpinelliDani's uncle
Sheriff Spinelli dotes on his niece. He thinks she is the best almost eight-year-old detective in the world. Sheriff Spinelli knows that Dani wants to be a detective when she grows up so he decides to give her a simple surveillance job at the local mall. Except he forgot one thing, nothing is simple when it comes to Dani.

Fun Fact

Favorite store at the mall:  Who has time to shop? Not this busy sheriff. He orders all his clothes online at Sheriffs-R-Us.

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