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Dani : New Beginnings


Four-year-old Dani can pronounce it, but her spelling needs a bit of work!

Dani:  New Beginnings
A Dani P. Mystery Short Story

Ages:   6-10
Grade:  1-5

List Price $5.99

Dani Spinelli’s life is about to turn upside down. It all starts with a simple wish. In the blink of an eye, a mysterious object appears in her backyard. Curious, Dani decides to become a detective and solve her first mystery. If only she had a friend to share in the fun!

Step back in time and meet four-year-old Dani P. Spinelli and discover where her love of mysteries began. This prequel explores some of the questions most often asked by children who read the Dani P. Mystery series.

For those who have ever wondered…

  • Why did Dani become a detective?
  • When did Dani meet Chloe?
  • What was her first case?

Learn the answers to these questions and more with this short story written specifically to give you, our loyal readers, an inside glimpse at young Dani before she became the best almost eight-year-old detective in the world.

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Meet the Characters

Dani P. Spinelli
Dani P. SpinelliA happy, little girl
Dani is a well-loved, happy child but even happy children get lonely. What she really wants is a friend. Someone she can play with that is her age. She also wants to be like her Uncle Joey, the sheriff. His job sounds exciting. She wants excitement, too. Maybe she can be a detective just like him and solve mistrees. (Someone should tell her that it is spelled, “mysteries”.)

Fun Fact

Favorite colors:  Green and purple

(Shhh! It's a secret)
(Shhh! It's a secret)(Shhh! It's a secret)
I’d love to tell you about this mysterious character, but then it might ruin part of the story. So you will just have to wait. Nope. I cannot tell you. I know, I know, you really want to know, but that is my final word. No, bribing me with cookies won’t help. Well, maybe if they are Mrs. Abbott’s famous chocolate-chip cookies… Wait, no. It’s a secret. I can’t tell a secret. Can I?

Fun Fact

Favorite colors:  Yellow and pink

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