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Dani and the Haunted House

Itchy situation!

Dani finds it isn’t always easy to solve a mystery, especially when she has to deal with the school bully.

Dani and the Rocking Horse Ranch
Book 3 in the Dani P. Mystery series

Lexile Measure:  570L
Ages:   6-10
Grade:  1-5

List Price $7.99

The Rocking Horse Ranch is hosting a horse show and Chloe can’t wait to compete. When she is mysteriously hurt while out riding, Dani suspects foul play! Is someone trying to keep her from entering the competition? With the help of her friend, Ricky Ramirez, Dani sets out to discover the truth behind the dastardly deed.

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Meet the Characters

Dani P. Spinelli
Dani P. SpinelliThere's a new deputy in town
Teasing is all in good fun among friends, but not when it turns mean. Dani does not like bullies, especially Nellie Wilson. When Chloe gets hurt at the Rocking Horse Ranch, Dani will have to discover if the school bully is to blame or if someone else is causing trouble.

Fun Fact

Favorite hobbies:  Solving mysteries, riding Maple, and reading mystery novels.

Chloe Zoe Marshall
Chloe Zoe MarshallThe unfortunate victim
Chloe does not like Nellie. She does not understand why Nellie always has to be so mean. Doesn’t Nellie realize that you make more friends by being nice to people? When Chloe gets hurt at the Rocking Horse Ranch, she can’t help but wonder if Nellie is to blame.

Fun Fact

Favorite hobbies:  Shopping, riding Snowy, and shopping. (Yeah, she really likes to shop!)

Ricky Ramirez
Ricky RamirezThe joker
With Chloe hurt, Dani will be relying on Ricky to help her solve the case. The only bad part is that she will have to listen to his lame jokes. He thinks they are funny, Dani doesn’t. Although, she may just get the last laugh.

Fun Fact

Favorite hobbies: Telling jokes, riding horses, and cleaning stalls. (Okay, he doesn’t really like cleaning stalls. He just wanted to see if you were paying attention.)

Nellie Wilson
Nellie WilsonThe school bully
Everyone at school is afraid of Nellie, except the smallest kid in class. Who needs friends? After all, she rules the school, and soon she will rule the Rocking Horse Ranch, too. All she has to do is win the riding competition.

Fun Fact

Favorite hobbies:  Riding her pony and doing whatever she wants.

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